There we go! We first looked at the benefits of the tree structure, such as visualization, computation, etc, and then the 4 main modules.

The four main modules are the parser, which transforms an expression in a string form, which the computer can’t understand, to the tree form. Second, the orderer, which re-arranges the tree so that it follows the order of operations. Third, the evaluator, it does what it says: evaluates. It goes through each of the elements in the tree and evaluates each of them! Fourth and last, the simplifier, which evaluates some things that the evaluator couldn’t.

The parser is a very important function, not just for this expression calculator, but because it’s used in many other scenarios. Transforming something in one form to another are used everywhere, less prominently in some and more prominently in others.

Finally, we looked at how the Logic Tree works, and how it is (almost) exactly the same as the Number Tree!

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